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Fake cookies

Fake cookies

Good food; good and healthy snack.

  • 1 banana
  • 30 g of oat bran
  • Greek yogurt
  • fruits
  • 5 hazelnuts
  • 1 piece of chocolate

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Grind the banana with a fork after adding the bran.

Form the biscuits on baking paper, decorate one with chocolate - one with crushed hazelnuts and bake for 10 minutes (180).

Remove and leave to cool, and then peel off the paper and serve with yogurt and fruit.

Original vs fake shoes - as you recognize it

When you want to buy shoes, but without allocating an exorbitant budget for it, it is important to take into account certain aspects, such as where you buy it and, of course, the quality. This, so as not to be disappointed that the price paid is not the right one, compared to what those shoes or boots offer you.

Next, we explain the criteria you could use to guide you to differentiate between an original and a fake product. At the same time, you also find out the distinction between a replica and an imitation.

PHOTO: Loredana Groza has "Sex on the couch"

Loredana Groza is, without a doubt, the Romanian artist who knows exactly how to attract attention. The most recent "action" from this point of view is the latest clip released by the artist.

The material is called "Sex on the Couch" and features an extremely HOT Loredana. In several images taken on the set of the music video, Lori appears kissing a mysterious man or hugging another, while holding a whip in her hand. The pictures were also published on social networks, where they aroused, of course, reactions from Loredana's virtual followers.

The reactions that this clip provokes are among the most complex. Some blaspheme the artist's appearance in such poses, others praise the way she looks. "Very cool song, it makes me think of a James Bond movie", "Age doesn't matter matters how you feel in that'm 30 but I feel like I'm 19.Divine ' , “Did you forget how old you are? You have 50, not 20, come back to reality! ', Were some of the comments received by the star.

Loredana Groza is the newest Antena 1 star, after giving up the contract she had with Pro TV for more than 10 years. Together with Ștefan Bănică Jr., the artist will be part of the Next Star jury, a show with a long history in Antena's program.

The truth about the separation between the millionaire Sebastian Dobrincu and Mimi. The vlogger revealed everything

At the age of 22, Sebastian Dobrincu is the youngest Romanian millionaire in Silicon Valley. Until recently, Sebastian fell in love with vlogger Mimi. But for a few days, the fans of the two had a surprise on social networks, because Dobrincu started showing up with Ioana Ignat.

The news of the young man's separation from Mimi came like lightning over her followers, who are around 1 million. Although the local press has hinted that the two have broken off the relationship since last year, this is not the case, as Mimi herself said.

At the beginning of February, Sebastian Dobrincu and the singer Ioana Ignat released the song "Naive Heart" together, and the chemistry between the two of them was obvious. Later, a few days ago, they started posting their love on social media. A sign that love has gone beyond the glass in their case.

The truth about the separation between Mimi and the young millionaire. Dobrincu cheated on her

Sources close to the two told Recipes and Celebrities that Mimi and Sebastian had a relationship for a year, less than a month ago, when they broke up. The reason was none other than the young man's sudden passion for the singer Ioana Ignat.

Read the full article, signed by Eliza Gavrilescu, in Recipes and Celebrities.

What's In Fake THC Oil Cartridges?

Real THC cartridges are made with extracted cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from all-natural marijuana plants. To mimic the real taste, or effects of quality made and pure THC cartridges & # 8211 fake THC cartridge manufacturers are using whatever they can, no matter how dangerous.

In a recent study, NBC news found that 10 out of 10 fake THC cartridge products contained hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide can also be formed from a fungicide that is present in many fake THC cartridges - myclobutanil. This fungicide upon burning, transforms into hydrogen cyanide, too. Making the fake counterparts of THC cartridges, even more detrimental.

As mysterious lung issues and deaths rise, other ingredients are being found in fake THC oil cartridges as well. Like, Vitamin E acetate which is used to ‘cut’ the actual cannabis content in fake THC cartridges. The problem with Vitamin E acetate is when it’s inhaled, it can cause lipoid pneumonitis. A rare condition that comes from particles of fat being consumed into the lungs.

The condition causes otherwise healthy adults to become dependent on a ventilator, in a quick period of time. Other ingredients to steer clear of include Vegetable Glycerin, Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol. Although they are FDA approved for consumption or ingested & # 8211 they pose a risk when inhaled.

Lastly, because fake THC cartridges are not going through the testing normally required for retail sales, the flower used for minimal amounts of cannabis, may be tainted too. There are a number of pesticides and contaminants that can be found in unkempt or low quality cannabis gardens, that should not be consumed and can cause a number of risks themselves.

How to Make Cookies: 10 Quick Tips

  1. Find a trusted cookie recipe and follow the instructions. Once you feel comfortable with making a type of cookie, you can start to put your own personal spin on it.
  2. Unless your recipe says otherwise, you & aposll always use large-size eggs, unsalted butter and nuts, and pure extracts of vanilla or almond.
  3. Successful baking relies on the correct ratio of ingredients, so be sure to measure accurately.
  4. Most cookie recipes call for all-purpose flour. For the best results, lightly spoon flour into a dry measuring cup and level with a knife. Do not sift unless the recipe specifically says to do so.
  5. Unless you are baking with non-stick pans and cookie sheets, use parchment paper for stick-free baking and easy clean-up.
  6. Chill dough for cut-out cookies, and soften it up at room temperature for a few minutes before rolling out.
  7. Leave at least two inches of space between cookies so they don & apost spread into each other.
  8. Adjust baking times to achieve the cookie texture you crave. A little less time produces chewier cookies a little more time makes them crispy.
  9. Bake bar cookies in the pan size indicated in the recipe so bar cookies don & apost turn out too tall or too short.
  10. Cool cookies completely before decorating.

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Ten food trends in 2020

Regenerative agriculture - an area to be governed by land management practices aimed at keeping the soil clean and reducing CO2 emissions: an objective agricultural important for 2020. A new cultivation model must be implemented, thus improving biodiversity, while contributing to the fight against global warming.

Alternative flours - Consumers are looking for flours that differ from traditional ones: light, banana, cauliflower or tiger nut flours (a herbaceous plant that produces edible tubers, native to Spain).

West African flavors - moringa, tamarind, sorghum, millet: these are just some of the staples of West African cuisine. A gastronomy that is beginning to attract experienced and passionate chefs, many of these ingredients will be found more and more in local menus.

Vegan snacks - The vegan diet is gaining more and more followers. But today there is a new level of awareness: in addition to vegetarians and vegans, a new category of consumers choose not to abandon meat, but to minimize consumption. Less, but of better quality. And responsible for this change in diet is the various lactose intolerances, so that sweet vegan snacks - like ten granola bars - will soon be available in a fresh version, with fruit or seeds.

Dairy and vegetable-based eggs - a vegan menu based on several food assortments (not just soy): large companies in the field try to imitate the texture of yogurt, cheese or eggs with the help of avocados, hemp, watermelon or even pumpkin.

Vegetable butter - a product made from pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cashews, almonds, chickpeas, watermelon or tahini sauce. Ingredients that can be turned into perfect sauces for bread served for breakfast or in different menus.

Children's meals - they are to expand, in an attempt to meet the needs of future consumers, experimenting with food and overcoming the classic concept of "food for children". In short, pasta with tomato sauce or schnitzel is no longer found, but rather fermented foods, spicy flavors, pasta (ten alternative flours) and quality organic meat - food education begins at an early age.

Alternative sugars - Alternative growth of fruit syrups, such as pomegranate, coconut or date syrup, can be ideal solutions to add a little sweetness to recipes. Also, to replace honey or molasses, there is starch syrup or sweet potato.

Meat substitutes - “fake meat”, a vegetable-based meat substitute - one of the most commented products during 2019 - available today in many restaurants and shops, a product made by the Beyond Meat company. Looks like we'll hear more about this food this year!

Mocktails - non-alcoholic cocktails are fashionable in city bars: ten sophisticated drinks, designed to recreate the classics of non-alcoholic mixology, so that it can be enjoyed by those who follow a certain diet or do not want to consume alcohol. Source: Red Shrimp / WholeFoodsMarket .

Famous nudes in Romanian movies - PHOTO & VIDEO

Romanian actresses do not hesitate to appear in nudity scenes when the script demands it. Most of them know that this is how the character looks much better and that they do not do it to bring the success of the film in a forced way. On Wednesday, May 25, at "Night Stories" at 10:30 pm, you saw the most successful nudity scenes in which successful novels were the protagonists.

Tora Vasilescu appears in sexy and controversial scenes in "The most beloved of earthlings", together with the late actor Stefan Iordache.

Anca Turcasiu appears almost naked in "Miss Seaside" (1990), to show her boyfriend's love from the movie.

In "Liceenii rock'n'roll" (1992), Oana Sarbu and Stefan Banica Junior live their love intensely. Many fans of the "High School" series were shocked to see that the two appear naked and love each other without inhibitions.

Eugenia Serban and Irina Movila appeared in the first sex scene between two women in a Romanian film. It is about "The sweet sauna of death", a film directed by Andrei Blaier, released on the market in 2003, and the scene takes place in a sauna.

"The Second Fall of Constantinople" (1994) is a memorable film for the exciting scene in which Loredana comes out of the sea wet, and her thin blouse fits her breasts.

Maria Popistasu, Ioana Barbu and Tudor Chirila appear in controversial scenes in the film "Sick Ties" (2006), directed by Tudor Giurgiu after the novel by Cecilia Stefanescu.

Maria Dinulescu conquers an American sergeant, played by Jamie Elman in "California Dreamin '(2007)".

Catalina Grama, alias Jojo, showed her nakedness in all her splendor in 2010, in the film "Poker, directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. Also directed by Ileana Lazariuc, in the film" The Survivor ".

In "Tuesday after Christmas" (2010), Mimi Branescu's character has hot scenes with his mistress from the film, played by Maria Popistasu.

People Like You and the Propagation of Fake News

While bots spread a lot of fake news, the majority of fake news re-transmissions is committed by real people [1].

One thing about social media that makes humans more susceptible to fake news is the popularity indicators that social network sites provide, that people use to signal approval for a message to other users. Research shows that, psychologically, more Facebook likes about a posting, more “thumbs up” votes about a video on YouTube, or more agreement on Yahoo! Answers that someone’s comment is useful, changes other readers ’perceptions about the quality of a message, and changes their minds about the topic that the message itself is about [2], [3]. Research by Tandoc et al. suggests an additional social dynamic from popularity indicators: “When a post is accompanied by many likes, shares, or comments, it is more likely to receive attention by others, and therefore more likely to be further liked, shared, or commented on” [ 4].

These patterns are true, whether news is fake or not. But research also shows that people are more likely to share fake news than real news. Vosoughi et al. [1] found that real human Twitter users are 70% more likely to retweet fake news than truthful stories. People like novelty and they like to share it with others. Fake news stories — since the events or statements they describe never really happened — are always novel! (The information on "clickbait" that we presented earlier illustrates some of the ways that rumors and novelty get people's attention and are likely to be spread.)

Going further, Vosoughi et al.’s research highlighted the role emotions play when it comes to sharing news on social media. They identified that reading true news mostly produces feelings of joyfulness, unhappiness, expectation, and trust. Reading fake news produces feelings of amazement, anxiety, shock, and repulsion. The researchers suggest these emotions and feelings play an important role when deciding to share something on social media.

Not only are political topics shared by social media users. Fake news related to technology, urban legends, science, and business is also widely shared by people. Based on Vosoughi et al.’s research, the New York Times created a chart (below) showing the biggest fake news topic trends on Twitter between 2010 and 2016, illustrating that topics other than politics are also subject to deliberate misinformation [5].

[1] S. Vosoughi, D. Roy, and S. Aral, “The Spread of True and False News Online,” Science, vol 359, no. 6380, pp. 1146–1151, Mar. 2018.

[2] J. B. Walther and J. Jang, “Communication Processes in Participatory Websites,” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 2–15, Oct. 2012.

[3] J. B. Walther, J. Jang, and A. A. H. Edwards, “Evaluating Health Advice in a Web 2.0 Environment: The Impact of Multiple User-Generated Factors on HIV Advice Perceptions,” Health Communication, vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 57–67, Jan. 2018.

[4] E. C. Tandoc, Z. W. Lim, and R. Ling, “Defining‘ Fake News ’: A Typology of Scholarly Definitions,” Digital Journalism, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 137–153, Feb. 2018.

[5] S. Lohr, “It’s True: False News Spreads Faster and Wider. And Humans Are to Blame, ” The New York Times, 08-Jun-2018. [Online]. Available: . [Accessed: 03-Aug-2018].


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