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How to Butcher a Bluefin Tuna

How to Butcher a Bluefin Tuna

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A sushi chef breaks down a giant Kindai bluefin tuna

Mario Batali's Del Posto somehow got their hands on a Kindai bluefin tuna, a sustainable, farm-raised version of the endangered bluefin tuna. So of course, they decided to film Hideo Kuribara from Ushiwakamaru butchering the giant.

Watch below to learn about the different parts of tuna, and just to be amazed by how much meat comes from one fish. Fainthearted folks beware; it's just a tad grody and very meaty.

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Watch the video: How a Master Sushi Chef Butchers a 250 Pound Bluefin Tuna Omakase (May 2022).


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