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I washed the vegetables and peeled them.

First I cut the eggplant into rounds, using the robot, then I put them in a sieve with a little salt to drain.

I also cut the zucchini and onions into rounds, also with the help of the robot.

Then I cut three tomatoes into rounds, with the knife this time and I put the other tomatoes on the robot, to make a little tomato juice.

From the tomato juice obtained and the not very good-looking vegetable slices, I formed a bed for eating vegetables.

I arranged the vegetables nicely in the bowl, alternating the vegetable slices: zucchini, eggplant, onion, zucchini, tomato ... and so on, until the end. On top I sprinkled chopped garlic cloves, a little dried basil and olive oil.

I put all the vegetables in the cold pot! Then I put the pot on the heat source over medium heat, covered with the lid and left it until the thermocontrol reached the green area.

I stopped the fire, leaving the vessel still covered. When the thermocontrol has reached the end of the yellow zone, the food is ready. Now I have added salt and pepper.

The vegetables were quickly steamed in their own juice.

At the end I sprinkled a few basil and marjoram leaves.

Good appetite!

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