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7 to 11 Reasons Why We Love Slurpees

7 to 11 Reasons Why We Love Slurpees

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It's time to get your free 7-Eleven Slurpee: an ode to the greatest summer drink out there

In honor of the chain's 86th birthday, participating 7-Eleven stores are offering free small Slurpees to Slurpee fans everywhere.

If you weren't planning on celebrating National Mojito Day on July 11, there is another drink you should be drinking: the 7-Eleven Slurpee. In honor of the chain's 86th birthday, participating 7-Eleven stores are offering free small Slurpees to Slurpee fans everywhere.

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And yes, the celebration continues with some outrageously weird promotions, like the Slurpee dance videos (even instructional videos!), Slurpee gear for sale, a Slurpee theme song, and to really get you in the spirit, a motivational chinchilla. (We can't make this stuff up.) But hey, at least there are new flavors in store, like the Slurpee Lite Sugar-Free Mango Lemonade and the Slurpee Strawberry Lemonshade.

But really, who needs all the promotional fluff when in fact, the Slurpee is just about the ultimate drink of summer. You can't deny that you once spent a day cruising with your friends around town with a neon colored, ice-cold Big Gulp Slurpee in hand. It may be no Wendy's Frosty, but they're pretty dang delicious. While you're secretly sneaking in a shot of liquor or two into your Slurpee tomorrow (we won't tell), here are seven to 11 silly reasons why we love Slurpees and Free Slurpee Day.

11 Reasons Why Today’s Relationships Crumble So Easily

Why is maintaining a relationship so difficult today? Why do we experience love failures so often and despite our many efforts? Why have human beings suddenly become incapable of having a relationship? Have we forgotten how to love? Or worse, have we forgotten what love is?

1. We are not ready . We are not ready to make sacrifices, to compromise, to love unconditionally. We are not ready to invest all that is necessary for a relationship to work. We want everything to be easy. We give up quickly. At the first obstacle, everything collapses. We do not allow our love to grow, we leave before it has time.

2. It is not love that we seek , but only passion and the thrill. We want someone to watch movies with and go to parties, not someone who understands us. We spend time together, but we don’t create memories. We don’t want this boring life.

We do not want a partner for life, but simply someone who allows us to feel alive in the present, at an instant t. When passion fades, we discover that we are absolutely not ready for any reality. We do not see the beauty of what is predictable: we are blinded by the thrill of adventure.

3. We are immersed in the insignificance of city life and this leaves no room for love. We don’t have time to love. We don’t have the patience to manage a relationship . We are busy chasing away our materialistic dreams from which love is excluded. Relationships are nothing more than stepping stones.

4. We seek immediate satisfaction in everything we do – in our online publications, in our professional choices and with the people with whom we fall in love. From a relationship, we expect the maturity that only comes with time, the emotional bonds that take years to create and a feeling of belonging when we barely know each other. It seems that nothing deserves our time and patience, not even love.

5. We prefer to spend an hour with a hundred different people, rather than spending an entire day with just one of them. We like to have a choice. We are social beings. We prefer to meet people rather than getting to know them. We are greedy.

We want to have it all. We get together as a couple at the slightest sign of attraction and break up as soon as we find someone better. We don’t want to see the best in this person. We want it to be perfect. We hang out with a whole bunch of people, but never give them a real chance. Everyone disappoints us.

6. Technology has brought us together so much that it is impossible for us to breathe. Physical presence has been replaced by texting, voicemail, snapchats and video calls. Now we no longer have the need to spend time together. We have too much of each other. We end up having nothing more to say to each other.

7. We are a “wandering” generation, we cannot stay in one place for too long. We are all phobic about engagement. Just thinking about it scares us. We cannot imagine ourselves all our life with one person.

We are leaving. We despise permanence, as if it were the evil of the century. We like to think we are “different” from others. We like to think that we are not conforming to social norms.

8.We are a generation that calls themselves “s exually liberated” . We differentiate between s ex and love, at least we believe it. We are the s ex-then-breakup generation. We make love and decide if we are going to love this person or not.

S ex is easy loyalty is less so . Lying down is the new way of getting drunk. We don’t do it because we love the person, but because we want to feel good. We need this temporary fullness. S ex outside the couple is no longer a taboo.

Romantic relationships are no longer simple. It’s about free relationships, improved friendships, transient relationships, blows of a night, no strings attached – we’ve chased all forms of exclusivity from our lives.

9. We are the pragmatic generation, which only works with logic. We no longer know how to love madly. We would not fly to a distant country to find the one we love. We break up, you know long distance relationships … We are too sensitive for love. Too sensitive for our own good.

10. We are a terrified generation – terrified of loving, terrified of engaging, terrified of falling, terrified of being hurt, terrified of being brokenhearted. We do not open to anyone, any more than we decide to love unconditionally.

We crouch behind these high walls that we have erected, in search of love but, we flee as soon as it appears. Suddenly, we can no longer “manage”. We don’t want to be vulnerable. We don’t want to reveal our soul to anyone. We are too on guard.

11. We no longer even know the value of a romantic relationship. We let go of the most wonderful people for these “other fish in the ocean”. Nothing is more sacred.

There is nothing we could not do in this world, and yet we are madly awkward when it comes to the game of love – one of the most basic instincts of Man. And this is called evolution.

11 Reasons Why You Need to Add Nutmeg to Your List of Cooking Spices

From cookies and pumpkin pies to custards and eggnog, nutmeg is a popular holiday spice in many areas of the world. The earliest recorded use of the spice comes from residue in potsherds from 3,500 years ago. Nutmeg has been used throughout the centuries in herbal medicinal practices, but it’s also been utilized as a hallucinogenic at various times with serious consequences.

Nutmeg was touted as a cure for the plague, also known as the Black Death, in 14th century Europe. Many countries fought for over 200 years during the Spice Wars in an effort to control the Spice Islands that produced the rare condiment. Today, the following are all good reasons to add nutmeg to any collection of kitchen spices.

1 The spice has natural antibacterial properties.

2. It’s a natural antioxidant that helps the body neutralize free radicals that cause signs of aging.

3. Nutmeg is said to have liver-protecting attributes.

4. The spice contains magnesium and when mixed in beverages such as milk or tea, triggers the release of serotonin that can help people fall asleep.

5. A teaspoon of nutmeg can be dissolved in a glass of water to rinse the mouth out to address bad breath – be sure to rinse and spit it out. It’s an ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwashes to freshen breath.

6. Used as a topical on skin, it reduces inflammation associated with acne. It can be mixed with honey and water to make a paste and applied to the face as a rejuvenating facial.

7. Nutmeg oil is used in over-the-counter analgesic pain relievers applied topically.

8. The spice contains a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients and is especially high in potassium, magnesium and calcium which helps in regulating blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, and aids in circulation.

9. Digestive issues can be mitigated by consuming dishes with the spice.

10. Nutmeg has been used as an aphrodisiac as it stimulates nerve cells in the brain.

11. Ayurvedic-based medicinal practices use nutmeg to address anxiety and depression.

Side Effects
Nutmeg should be used sparingly and with caution. Used in large quantities, it’s toxic and can cause hallucinations and seizures. The spice can also interact badly with some types of medications.

Baking, roughhousing, fort-building and more: 17 reasons why we love Dad

How much do we love the Dads in our lives? Let us count the ways. This month, we asked the TODAY Parenting Team to answer the challenge: "What do fathers do best?" We loved the many contributions filled with funny, sincere and loving sentiments. Here, a round up of our 17 favorites.

You can join the conversation by becoming a member of our team. And stay connected to all TODAY Parents updates on our Facebook page. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

1. He sings ‘Frozen’ songs. (Sean Duffy)

"I decided to use some of my down time in D.C. to learn some of the kids’ favorite Frozen songs. They were surprised and delighted the first time I joined in, and in a twist of irony, Olaf’s song, 'In Summer,' has become one of this Northern Wisconsin man’s favorite tunes."

2. He likes Father’s Day better than his birthday. (Chuck Todd)

“I found myself more excited about getting my first Father’s Day card than I had my most recent 10 birthdays.”

3. He finds humor in our funny questions. (Willie Geist)

“No offense, Dad, but where does Mr. T live?”

"So go ahead, Big Guy, throw those kids in the air (but you better catch them or I will cut you). Roll around and wrestle. Let them win sometimes. Let them lose sometimes."

5. He doesn't sweat the small stuff. (Mothering the Divide)

"Because of you, my kids will know that it’s not a big deal when they are caught in a rainstorm in a Jeep with the top down. They will know that while they need to be protected from the sun, if they lose their hats, they will be okay with just sunscreen on their noses. Because of you, they will learn that if they forget baby wipes and the baby poops, they can make do with a napkin. No big deal."

6. He plays with dolls (Jill Simonian)

"He plays dolls with a super-squeaky-super-funny-kinda-creepy voice, can give the most industrial-strength toddler bath ever, carves a most wicked jack-o-lantern and sometimes rocks a princess crown arguably just as well as both our daughters."

7. He builds things. (Mothering the Divide)

"Because of you, my kids will know how to build a table from scratch, how to build and cover a cornice with batting and fabric, how to repair a brick wall, and how to put up a fence."

8. He reads the directions. (Kavita Varma-White)

“Kids: Dad’s right and I’m wrong. Mainly because if he didn’t read directions, we would still be playing Rummy with the wrong rules and, more importantly, all those great presents — the mini kitchen, the basketball hoop, the scooter — wouldn’t have worked on Christmas morning.”

9. He takes one for the team with silly costumes. (Angie Goff)

"From Fourth of July PJs and elf tights to a flying monkey costume, I will admit the hubs is a team player when it comes to family traditions. he knows he looks ridiculous but he also knows life is too short to care."

10. He carries us. (Manic Pixie Dream Mama)

"No one carries you like your daddy can. No one will ever have such strong arms, such a broad back, such a warm touch. I hope our sons remember that. I know they will."

"When I leave Hubby to his own devices, he will create a fort masterpiece: couch cushions, blankets, ropes, tunnels, doors, and even secret hideouts. He puts my fort skills to shame and that’s just fine because I would rather play in his fort too."

12. He plays Star Wars for hours. (Laura T. Coffey)

"It’s just that, unlike Michael, I find it hard to stay in character for more than two hours during an elaborate “Star Wars”- or “Wild Kratts”-themed role-playing session."

13. He kills spiders. (Emily Burmeister)

"My husband is the monster scarer, spider killer, muscle to this operation. He does it all with no request to be recognized for his efforts."

14. He takes the middle seat. (The Champagne Supernova)

"My Dad always put me and my sister before himself. As a recent example, he gave up his window seat and took my center seat on the 9-hour plane ride from Europe to the United States when we were returning from Italy."

15. He makes us laugh like crazy. (Evrod Cassimy)

My son "loves being tickled or chased around the house while I yell 'I'm gonna get you!' He literally laughs so hard he has to ask me to stop for a minute so he can catch his breath before he turns around, starts laughing again and chasing me instead."

16. He bakes. (Jordan)

"My husband can make some awesome, finger-licking, homemade biscuits. My oldest (now 4 AND A HALF if you ask her) is his best helper. While yes, the plain lesson here is how to make biscuits (she will need this information later in life, y'all — remember we are home grown Mississippians), the underlying message that he is giving her is what truly sends this momma's heart into a tailspin."

17. He teaches us to drive (The Cheerio Trail)

"Their dad knew when they had practiced enough and were ready to learn the rest in real-time. He wasn’t afraid to take them out on the streets because he knew what he had taught them in the parking lot."

11 Reasons why I love my Thermomix - from a Mummy Point of View

I call myself a Thermomix Evangelist. I always get asked why I love my Thermomixes (yes I own 2 units) so much. There are many reasons why but I certainly do not miss my pre- Thermomix days at all. Being a mum, nothing is more important to me than my family's health because end of the day, we are what we eat.

1) My Vegetables are green and crisp after stir-frying in a Thermomix

Yes. People are surprised when I tell them the Thermomix can stir fry.

It's a personal taste preference, but I am very particular about my veggies retaining their green colour and crispiness after stir fry. The problem with wok cooking is that the high temperature not only kill the nutrients, wok-fried vegetables also tend to be super oily, soggy and sometimes yellowish and wet when it is overcooked. I am a fan of organic greens but I do not fancy spending top dollars on organic vegetables that ends up overcooked with no nutritional value on the dining table. It is already very hard to get the kids to get more greens so my greens better retain maximum amount of nutrients.

The maximum temperature in the Thermomix is 120 degrees. That means unless you intentionally prolong cooking your veggies, there should be no reason they should be overcooked.

2. Safer, quality, nutritious food for my family with the Thermomix

The mass market food industry is brutally cost-driven and scandal scarred. There are loads of additives added to food after pasteurisation because the process tend to make food lose it's original colour and taste. So additives are added to recreate the food it was supposed to be, with artificial flavouring, nicer colour and longer shelf life. Unfortunately, the lax labelling laws in most countries mean, unless you make most of your own food, there is no exact telling what goes into that jar on the supermarket shelf.

Have you wondered why store bread can still be soft (not turning moldy) after a week (no ants either even for sweet breads) when freshly baked bread becomes hard and turn moldy after couple of days? Why homemade tomato sauce is always orangey and not deep red?

After discovering how easy it is to use my Thermomix to make mayonnaise, nut butter, nut chocolate (nutella alike), ice-cream, juices, jams and all sorts of sauces and pastes, I can no longer bring myself to feed my children store-bought "pretend food". All families should benefit from eating real food.

3. My Thermomix peels and chops garlic for me

No kidding. Speed 5, reverse 5 seconds, I get my garlic chopped and skin off. I love cooking but hate to chop garlic and having that lingering garlicky smell on my fingers.

4. Thermomix cooking is mostly fume-free, no-grease and splatter-proof

5. No need to clean up or mop up after cooking with my Thermomix

Thermomix cooking is relatively mess-free because of the way it is designed. All-in-one, many functions-in-one means, you can weigh and add ingredients one-by-one, mill, mix, blend, knead, steam, saute, and cook in the one appliance. I need less bowls since we can add ingredients from package to Thermomix directly since it weighs, and I can skip the stirring spoon, whisk, the mixer, the blender etc since it does all these too.

My kitchen floors are never greasy again after cooking.

Oh, my Thermomix can self-clean too. If I cook something more greasy, I can add a pump of liquid detergent and hot water to spin clockwise and anti-clockwise to loosen up stuck food bits and remove the grease.

6. Thermomix is used by restaurants (a.k.a the professionals)

I get looks of bewilderment when I tell people the Thermomix cooks enough to feed a function room full of people. Its so easy to prepare drinks and food. My steamed glutinous rice, coleslaw, nasi lemak and chicken rice are always popular.

By the way, Thermomix is used by many chefs in their restaurants. If the Thermomix can cook enough to feed restaurant patrons, why not for our household? Singapore's Tippling Club uses Thermomix. Aussie Chef Peter Gilmore and Chef Tetsuya use Thermomix in their restaurants.

7. Thermomix is so easy that even kids (and dads) can cook

My kids love the Thermomix . Seemingly complicated dishes can be cooked by following instructions. The little one loves counting the timer and has learnt weight, reading time and temperature just by participating in Thermomix cooking. He knows the exact required steps for sorbet and cookies.

8. Family bonding with the Thermomix

Nothing makes me more contented than watching the entire family gather around the Thermomix to cook. Fighting siblings putting their pizzas together, the family deciding what to cook for supper and tomorrow's breakfast, and watching my loved ones gobbling up new dishes I have conjured using the Thermomix is very rewarding.

9. Thermomix cooks for every occasion - nostalgic recreation of late mom's dishes

There are literally thousands of Thermomix recipes. I am constantly challenging myself with new dishes. Dishes that I have never dreamt of cooking have been attempted - many times successfully. I have adapted my late mom's recipes and recreated childhood dishes which may never be recreated if I didn't own the Thermomix . The kuays, the tong shui that I have always thought impossible are cooked easily following recipe instructions and modified to recreate the taste I want to achieve.

10. Hands-free Cooking. Unbeatable convenience and saves time

Can you believe I can place my ingredients in the Thermomix to cook while I shower? It is possible because of temperature, timer and speed controls. I know exactly how long each dish will take to cook. Thermomix stops cooking once the preset time is up. Yet it intelligently continues to gently stir to prevent the food from clumping together. Any dish that requires constant stirring benefits from using the Thermomix. I used to stir my rempahs, desserts and pineapple tart jams at the stove and end up perspiring like crazy and reeking of food odour. Now, I just leave the stirring work to my trusty Thermomix and watch the TV until the sweet music goes off to inform me the cooking is done. Cooking should still allow vain pots like me to look good.

11. Saves Money $

While the initial outlay is deem expensive for a kitchen appliance by most people, it really isn't if you consider the amount of money saved by making your own staples like stock, sauces, bread, cakes, buns, pasta/noodles etc instead of buying preservative and chemical laden ones. When you eat healthier, you maintain your health and possibly fall sick less which also equals to saving money isn't it? A holiday costs more than $2k per person, a nice branded handbag costs a few thousand, I'd go for a lifetime of healthy cooking for my loved ones anytime and buy one bag less. We are what we eat. I'd rather go all the way to be healthy then be half-hearted about it.

Seriously, the Thermomix has 12-in-1 functions, it can do 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 cooking, it enables mess-free, hands-free cooking, and hardly ever over-cooks. The latest TM5 even has recipe chip that can be attached to the machine with hundreds of recipes stored inside so you do not need to flip and cook anymore. Guided cooking makes cooking even possible for 5-year-olds or people without culinary experience. Now, what other appliance dares call itself "the future of cooking".

Cooking should be a joy and not a chore.

Our loved ones should be nurtured with quality and safe food that is packed with nutrients and made with love.

What do you think? Start using a Thermomix and join the rapidly growing community of users. Thermomix is not available in retail shops. The only way to purchase one is to contact Thermomix Singapore.

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11 Reasons Why Jordan’s Food Scene is Perfect for Broke College Kids

This past summer, I was given the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Amman, Jordan, where I learned a great deal of Arabic, learned about Middle Eastern culture, and ate some amazing food. Since Jordan is not a country typically mentioned in everyday conversation, let me give you a little background on this beautiful country.

Surrounded by Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, Jordan is an Arab country rich with culture and tradition. One of the most amazing things about Jordan is the geographic diversity. When you’re in the capital, Amman, you’re surrounded by bustling city life filled with restaurants, shops, and aggressive drivers.

If you head out of the city, especially toward the south, you are greeted by miles of beautiful desert sand, home to camels and nomadic people called Bedouins. You can even find a great deal of ancient ruins from when the Romans ruled over Jordan. As you can tell, Jordan has a lot to offer — and surprisingly, so does its food.

Jordan isn’t exactly considered a food capital of the world. It’s not particularly posh and it isn’t home to many world-renowned chefs. After studying abroad there last summer, however, it became clear to me that the food scene in Jordan is seriously overlooked. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jordanian food played a major part in my amazing study abroad experience. Here are some reasons why everyone will fall in love with Jordan’s underrated food scene.

1. It’s a spice heaven

On the eighth day, God said “May your food never be lacking flavor,” or something like that, right? Jordanians take flavor seriously, and bland is never an option. If you’re looking for a nice gift to bring back home, spice stores are absolutely everywhere and house dozens of massive bins filled with the most aromatic spices you will ever encounter. My personal favorite is za’atar, which is a strain of thyme that’s commonly found on flatbreads.

2. Ramadan has its perks

Ramadan has its ups and downs. The not-so-good part of Ramadan: it’s an entire month of fasting during the day, so most restaurants are closed and you’re not really allowed to eat in public. But there are perks, because fasting during the day means FEASTS and parties at night, and what college student goes to bed before 3 am anyways? If Ramadan means napping during the day and partying at night, I think we can handle that.

3. There are sweets galore

Middle Eastern desserts are the greatest things ever. I really don’t know how I survived without them before studying in Jordan. Whether it’s rose water nougats, knafeh, chocolate-covered dates, or hard candies, Middle Eastern desserts don’t disappoint.

4. Coffee and tea is abundant

Blood may run thicker than water, but coffee runs even thicker. If you’re a normal college student, it might be hard to go a day or two without that liquid gold. Thank goodness coffee in Jordan is a staple. If you want a cappuccino or latte, you can easily find it, but I dare you to venture a little outside your comfort zone and get an Arabic coffee. Flavored with cardamom, it’s a drink you may easily become obsessed with.

Tea is also a big part of the culture and hospitality in Jordan. If you’re invited into someone’s home, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be instantly offered tea. And it’s soooo good.

5. The fast food is better

Photo courtesy of

Fast food (primarily McDonalds) is a million times better in Jordan than in the US. When I eat McDonalds in the US, I feel like I’m drowning in a vat of grease and am promptly forced into a food coma. In Jordan, it tastes real and the post-chow guilt isn’t traumatizing. Plus, they deliver.

6. Hospitality is key

Middle Easterners are known for their incredible hospitality and generosity. If you’re a tourist, you’re going to get that generosity to the max. People genuinely want you to love their country and food, so they want you to try everything. I once went into a candy store just to see what Jordanian candy was like, and within a minute of being in there, I was handed two types of chocolate-covered dates and three pieces of nougat. Be warned that saying no isn’t an option, so get used to trying new things.

7. Bread for days

Photo courtesy of

Do I need to say more? It’s bread, we all love it. In Jordan, you will quickly learn that pita is the bread of choice and it goes with everything. Time to get excited for unlimited carbs.

8. It’s a chance to leave your comfort zone… if you want

I see you, picky eaters. This article might have you shaking in your boots, thinking Jordan isn’t a place for you. Could you survive without your familiar foods? Surprisingly, you wouldn’t have to. Jordan has anything and everything (except pork bacon), so even the pickiest of eaters won’t starve.

9. The food is fresh and healthy

Photo courtesy of

This isn’t America, so get ready for fruits and veggies that don’t rely heavily on massive amounts of preservatives and other chemicals. The food here looks and tastes real. Revolutionary, am I right?

10. There are other ethnic foods

Not feeling like Middle Eastern food? No problem. You can still find American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and much more. As surprising as it may be, Jordan offers a variety of ethnic foods. My apartment in a quiet neighborhood in the capital was right down the street from a Chinese restaurant with some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.

11. The food is cheap and plentiful

The #1 reason college kids would love Jordan? Cheap food (and lots of it). Welcome to Jordan, where if you know what you’re doing, you can easily get great food for less than $5.

As a rule of thumb in Jordan, the cheaper the food, the more authentic and delicious it is. Skip the $12 touristy burgers (which are surprisingly easy to find) and go to a small restaurant that will serve you falafel, hummus, pita bread, pickles, and more for about $6. Did I mention the portions are HUGE? (see above photo for reference, which cost me around $4).

If you weren’t convinced before, now you know why we should start recognizing the food scene in the Middle East. It’s a great place for broke college foodies to visit.

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Love Made Their Work Even Better

Few country music duos can match the combination of Johnny&rsquos deep voice and June&rsquos folksy tremor &ndash but they collaborated in more than just vocals. Falling in love with Johnny inspired June to write &ldquoRing of Fire.&rdquo Johnny recorded it, and the rest is history.

&ldquoI realized that oh my Lord! I think I&rsquom falling in love with Johnny Cash, and this is the most painful thing I&rsquove ever gone through in my life. It is like I&rsquom in a ring of fire, and I&rsquom never coming out. I&rsquom going down, down to the bottom of this thing. It&rsquos going to kill me, because I would never have the nerve to tell him, nor do I want to tell him, nor do I want anybody to even know I&rsquove got these feelings." -June Carter Cash

11 reasons why we should still love listicles

D o you hate listicles, written articles or themed pictorial collections presented in the form of a list? If you do, then you are even more of the moment than the websites – like us! – that proffer the lists in such a ceaseless, bulletpointed mega-avalanche these days. The New Yorker just served up a brilliantly cocked-eyebrow dissection of the listicle, presented as a list when it is actually just 10 consecutive paragraphs arbitrarily broken up by numbers. The technology blogger Anil Dash, meanwhile, derides listicles as "geek equivalents of Cosmo coverlines". Here are 10 Reasons to Love Listicles, With a Bonus One for Good Measure:

1 The immediacy and sheer volume of listicles means that there may never be another Channel 4, 50 Greatest Sweets Of The 1980s-style, paid-for-reminiscence catalogue show featuring Dawn O'Porter, ever again.

2 They afford online commenters the opportunity to respond/debunk in kind with a rebuttal list, so that they too can feel like journalists, rather than stooped, cringing serfs who keep us all in foie gras.

3 In these short-attention, recessionary times, it makes good financial sense to offer a larger number of miniature articles on one topic, for the price of one large one.

4 Conversely, they also underline the need for more coherent, structured and longer think pieces on important topics such as Syria, of the type that you can read for absolutely nothing at

5 It is rare not to find something in a good listicle that resonates with you personally. I, for example, am so #12 in 15 Types Of People You Meet At The Pool.

6 There are occasional examples of undeniable brilliance within the world of the listicle. 33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You, for example, and … Well, we're sure there are others.

7 And the listicle overload has also led to the brilliant ListiClock (, which tells the time using constantly updating numberical lists from Buzzfeed, changing every second.

8 You can measure a writer's worth by whether they start to flag towards the middle-end of the list (they will always, mark my words, end on a hilarious gag). As you can see, we're still going strong here.

9 Shit, I just hit the wall.

10 There are certain modern phenomena to which one central critique is simply impossible to apply, and a bulletpointed approach is better suited, recent examples being Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

11 The name sounds amusingly like a portmanteau of "lizard testicles" (see No 8).

1. Save Money

One of the chief reasons to buy a filtration system is to help you save money. If you’ve been purchasing bottled water instead of consuming directly from the tap, the overall expenses in a month can rise substantially, especially if you’re buying from prominent brands in large amounts.

Installing a filtration system can provide your home with safe and better-quality water at a lower cost. The price of purchasing a filtration system is a worthy investment in the long run.

11 Reasons Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Is The Best Thing Ever

Someone rightly said that it’s hard to not fall in love with your best friend. Your best friend is that person who has been there for you through thick and thin. They care for you, protect you and love you with all your flaws. And really, how can you stop yourself from falling in love with them?

Agreed, that if your best friend doesn't feel the same way, it can make things awkward. But, hey, if they do then this friendship of yours can turn into a beautiful relationship.

Read on as we tell you why there’s nothing as special as falling in love with your bestie.

1. You share each and every thing.

They know about your past. They know about your dating habits. They know about your family and there is no end to how much you both know about each other. And then there are times when you both are surprised as well. The moment you decide to turn your friendship into love, you know secrets are not going to be a part of your relationship.

2. They can read your mind.

And so can you. In fact, a few glances at each other and you know what’s on the other person’s mind. Not everyone can have such understanding. Now, that’s definitely compatibility. Don’t you agree?

3. He or she is already approved.

You don’t have to worry about what mom will say about them or what your brother will think of him. This person has been in your life since forever and your family knows them in and out. In fact, there were times your mom believed that you both were together. If parents approved of them as your BFF, they will approve of them as your significant other too.

4. You both have plenty of common friends.

This is the best thing. You don’t have to worry about ‘adjusting’ with their friend groups or stress about whether their friends will like you or not. They are already fond of you and your social life is only going to get better.

5. Being stupid is allowed.

You both have been friends for a reason. You both are into weird stuff. You like the same things as them and have always accompanied each other in doing fun stuff. This relationship is only going to be an improved version of your friendship.

6. Your best friend knows exactly what you want to hear.

They know how to deal with your mood swings. They are well aware of what turns you off. And they are the best when it comes to cheering you up. This person has been in the business of being friends with you for a while now, and this is the reason you fell in love.

7. There is no need to rush.

When you start dating your best friend, you want to dive into those feelings and live every bit of it. You don’t understand that there’s no need to do that because your best friend will be around, like they’ve always been. And this is the time to have fun and explore a completely new side of each other.

8. With your best friend, there is no end to comfort.

You are not shy with them and it’s not like you have to take time opening up to them. You can say whatever you want, dress up however you want and just be yourself. There is no awkwardness. And most importantly, there is no judging business.

9. There is no pressure to impress each other.

You already adore each other and your friendship is a living example of that. There are no formalities of asking each other out for a date, dressing up or putting make up. You can be completely chilled out with your best friend, now boyfriend/girlfriend.

10. The inside jokes become funnier.

You could be the weirdest version of yourself with your bestie. There will be no end to how much you will laugh and that is the most exciting part. This ride is only going to get crazier.

11. You will have a crazy number of stories to share with your grandchildren.

First, all the silly things you did with your best friend. The pranks you pulled on other people, the fights, the backing up and then finally falling in love. Secondly, the compatibility and security of your relationship will be inspiring to one and all.

So, if you are scared of confessing your love to your best friend and ruining your friendship, don't be! This relationship could change your life.

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