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5 Candy Cane Cocktails for Christmas

5 Candy Cane Cocktails for Christmas

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What’s red, white, and delicious all over?

Because once you heard there was no “real” Santa Claus, what else is there really to look forward to during the holidays?

Leave the licking, biting, and sticky mess to the kids; it’s time for your favorite traditional holiday treat to receive an adult upgrade. ‘Tis the season!

If you’re looking for a thick, cozy beverage to sip in front of the fire, look no further. Hot cocoa with not one, but two twists, will certainly warm you up in more ways than one.

This cocktail is a shout-out to all of the people living, or just celebrating the season, in warmer climates. Don’t let these ingredients fool you; this cocktail is rich and refreshing all at the same time! Now that’s a Christmas miracle we can get behind.

Okay, we can’t blame you for not thinking of margaritas in winter because of their unfortunate summertime-only association, but the candy cane is here to change all of that, putting a little bit of merry cheer in your margarita.

We’re not suggesting that every die-hard martini drinker will love this version, but you can’t deny it’s a creative pairing of two beloved classics. Note: it also looks great when circulating the holiday party, so you can skip the snowman sweater and flashing reindeer pin and still look festive.

Who said keeping it simple needed to be boring? This two-ingredient drink is sure to induce a merry mood. Just remember this little cocktail riddle: “if the ingredients total less than three, it’s easier to refill for me.”

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